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New Zealand Turbo mini Empty New Zealand Turbo mini

Post  psimini on 13th May 2009, 14:12

hey there im corey im 18. from auckland new zealand so about 2hours away.. i have a 79 leyland mini with a 1100cc engine. ive had it for 7 years. it been fully rebuilt . had its first warrant of fitness for 6 months then i decided to turbo and race spec it lol.

na engine
custom manifold ( steam pipe)
toyota ct9 turbo
38mm wastegate 7psi spring
metro carb with rover v8 jet and metro turbo needle.
custom plenum and intercooler and piping

spent about 2500 on the setup including

adjustable hi los
camber arms
camber brackets
gas shocks
etc etc

im using a electronic boost controller set at 4psi just when cruising normally. then flick the switch to 7psi which is great

im yet to put it on the dyno at POWERCRUISE NX in november but i can easily say its 80-100 hp from 49 standard..


if you wana see pics just ask.

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New Zealand Turbo mini Empty Re: New Zealand Turbo mini

Post  sim_ou_nao on 8th September 2010, 20:03

Hello psimini,

i want to see some photos Twisted Evil

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