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Post  snotz on 23rd February 2012, 03:20


i just recieved a n12 turbo distributor, i think a (e15et) the part number on this is d4p82

i have been on the ausmini forum there talking about it and if it would fit, which we think it will with
the drive dog fitted on it

would like to know if dizzy has been used before for turbo mini's as it came out of a turbo pulsar

Pulsar distributor IMAG0592

Pulsar distributor IMAG0591

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Pulsar distributor Empty Re: Pulsar distributor

Post  benjamin on 23rd February 2012, 09:43

hey, is slightyl different to the normal pulsar ones that are commonly used but shouldnt be a problem.

As long as the distance from the shoulder to the drive dog shoulder is the same it should fit. Drive dog can be drilled to fit no worries.

Being off a turbo car should have a nice curve too, the std pulsar one has too large spread off timing and the mechanical advance needs to be modified.

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