daihatsu charade alternator conversion

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daihatsu charade alternator conversion

Post  benjamin on 1st February 2009, 12:36

a few people have been doing this conversion on turbo minis because of the size of these altenators compared with the std lucas ones.

so thought id give it a go. My alternator came of a 89-92 G100 Daihatsu Charade 1.0L 3 cylinder and is 50amps i think. it is a Nippon Denso alternator and there are a few differnt cars that run them.

you want the smaller ones which are 100mm dia so much smaller than lucas ones Smile

basically i bolted it up but found that the belt was slightly off, so 5mm was cut from the mounting bracket on the alternator (the bracket is very thick so is ok)

then was filed and belt is now straight, im using a 825mm belt which seems fine but a slighly smaller one would allow the alternator to sit closer to the block allowing more front end room.

as the brackets on this alternator are opposite the bottom bracket needs to be extented , i just welded two brackets together. Dad said maybe look in the wreckers for a longer bracket.

for the wiring , ts fairly straight forward although a wire from the igniton has to be added as the std lucas doesnt need one. I cut the wiring form the charade and joined it to the mini wiring to keep it neat. The ignition take off was from the top of the fuse box. think that roundys are differnt , so use a test light if doing. there is a diagram on the aternator of whats what.

finished and in place Very Happy


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