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Post  benjamin on 13th January 2011, 01:36

apart from the standard item is there many other fuel reg you can use ?

I used to use a Holly Blue pump and reg with i modified for boost but this setup is only good for about 10psi boost and uses only a feed line. (can see i drilled and tapped into the top for a boost line this gives a rise of 1:1)

Fuel Regulators Pbucket

iv since converted to the rover EFI tank and pump and i am using the Malpassi Turbo carburettor regulator with a 8mm return line this has been working fine . But just have been looking around for a nice replacement for that regulator , something that looks nice . I found that Aeromotive make a nice one> 13301 - Universal Bypass Regulator.

Fuel Regulators Pbucket

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