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N12 Pulsar Electronic Distributor Empty N12 Pulsar Electronic Distributor

Post  benjamin on 12th January 2011, 05:18

A pulsar N12 electronic distributor is already the right diameter and length to fit in a mini. No shaft cutting or body machining is needed.

1> These come on N12 pulsars and the Holden copy , 1600cc late 80's . Part numbers are > D4r83 and D4r85 . Auto has 16* mechanical advance manual has 12*. If you need this to be altered (mine did) Graham Russel can do this.

2> You will need the drive dog from a old mini distributor or the one in your car .
3> remove pin from the pulsar distributor with a pin punch and same with mini distributor.

4> Remove the pulsar drive dog. Now you will need to enlarge the the hole as the pulsar has a smaller pin. The best way is with a bench drill but any drill will do just keep it square. Fine drill it 3/16'' (so use a 4.5mm drill then the 3/16'')

5> Put the pulsar thrust washer on then put the mini drive dog on, if the holes don't line up you may have to remove some material from the top of the drive dog. You want around 0.005'' - 0.010'' end float. Then fit the pin , you may have to run the drill through the hole to ensure it lines up.

6> Hacksaw the lug off as this is not needed in the mini , then file or Linish till it fits the mini clamp.


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