Megajolt Programmable Ignition Controller

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Megajolt Programmable Ignition Controller

Post  benjamin on 18th July 2010, 07:35

This is a how too to put megajolt on your mini,

I did this a few years ago and have been very pleased with how it works.

Basically you remove distributor , add a coil pack, crank angle sensor, ford EDIS module and megajolt computer too control it and you have fully programmables ignition with rev limit and user outputs.


Ford coil pack or similar (hyundai one works for memory?)
Ford crank angle sensor (or any that work with 36-1 tooth wheels)
Ford edis 4 ignition module
Megajolt computer

Ford parts can be sourced from a wrecker , but i purchased mine from overseas along with the 36-1 wheel.
From here :

Megajolt computer i bought pre-built from their website

Most of the installation info is on there website but ill put here to make easy Smile

wiring diagram (this is for version 3) the plug is slightly different for 4 as there is two more option plugs double check on the website

pretty easy but take you time to make it neat and (i hate messy wiring !!). I measured the lenghts i needed to put it where i wanted in the car and then made a loom just for the megajolt . Computer is under dash with the edis module and coil pack is in std spot. For power i pulled the ignition wire back from the distributor . Be sure to fuse your power !

The crank angle sensor has to be set up like this :

so as long as the sensor is positioned at 90* befor Top Dead Centre at TDC then it can basically be positioned anywhere ( hope that makes sence). I place my sensor on the engine mount braket and even though the sensor is at a weird angle it still is 90* befor TDC.

after its all set up plug in you laptop and see if it all works
upload a basic map to get you started then just fine tune to suit your engine , if you have no idea best to get it tuned by someone who does , although the basic map will be safe


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