Making a Manifold

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Making a Manifold

Post  benjamin on 23rd May 2010, 14:45

this is just a quick basic guide >

pipe i use us 1'' nominal bore Medium wall pipe and butt weld elbows for the bends.

or 1 1/4'' for big engines.

i get all the flanges laser cut , there is a few places that will cut them.

welder tig or mig personal chice.

just place the turbo where you want it the be (better to do in the car so you know it fits) i just put objects under the turbo to hold in place.

Bolt all the flanges on , then its a matter of moving the bends around to see what you can do ( equal length isnt a issue but try and keep as smooth as possible)

after the manifold is all tacked together bolt it to a spare head (this is critical to keep all the flanges flat) and fully weld it on the head and then let it cool.

if all goes well the flanges will stay flat (stainless steel is a pain to keep flat) and the result will be somthing like this Smile


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Re: Making a Manifold

Post  turbo this.. on 27th December 2013, 12:35

nice compact manifold
if the side mount proves to be half decant ill post the pics up and do a write up its a bit different to what most people do so could be crap of could be grate
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